Keeping it 100

With the arrival of Hot VWs November issue, a big milestone has been reached.

100 Published Magazine Features!


One hundred. Wow!

In the span of just five short years

100 Features
21 Covers
15 Centerfolds
Across 12 different publications

It has been quite a ride in such a short time. I can’t wait to see what the next five years, and beyond brings.

I cannot express enough my gratitude for your attention, support, feedback, comments, likes and shares. Everything counts for more than you know.

Thanks for being a part of this adventure!

Are you ready? I'm ready.

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95 and Counting...

Looking through my records, I noticed that I have had 95 published magazine features. Ninety five! Heck, that's almost one hundred. ;)  21 of those 95 were even Cover shots!

Banner 95 Fetaures.jpg

Considering I only started working with mags at the end of 2013, that's pretty cool. An average of 19 published features per year!

I'm a freelancer, so I'm not contracted anywhere, and can work for multiple titles at the same time. Right now, these are the folks I collaborate with:
Hot VWs Magazine
Volkswagen Camper & Commercial Magazine
VolksAmerica Magazine
LargeCar Magazine
Combi Magazine

I've also done work with others, who I either just did a single piece for, or that have stop publishing:
Aircooled Classics Magazine
Kombi Life Magazine
Retro Cars Magazine
VW Vibe
10-4 Magazine
I've contributed photos to other people's features as well. Though I don't count those in the 95.

I really am humbled to have the opportunity to make car owner's dreams come true by helping them get featured.  Together we have broken ground, given exposure to new and different events, and shown the world more of the VW scene than ever before!

As I get closer to that big 100 number, there are a lot of people I need to thank.
First of all is my family, who have supported me greatly throughout the years. Most notably, my wife, Chris, who is not only immensely supportive, but as a business owner herself is also great sounding board for ideas and advice. 
Next up is Telly Carsten, who got me in touch with my first ever magazine editor, and planted the seed which has certainly taken firm roots! 
Speaking of editors, thanks to all of you who have seen value in what I bring to your magazine's pages.
I'd also like to thank every car owner who has either let me photograph their ride for a magazine, or who has hired me to shoot their car or event. You all are helping this whole thing keep going. 
Everyone who buys a shirt, a puzzle, a calendar, or a print - thank you all. I truly couldn't keep doing this without your support. I sincerely thank you all! I wish I could call out everyone individually, but no one wants to read a blog post that long! :)

The last five years has been quite a ride, I can't wait to see what the future holds!

Always evaluating, always learning, always humble, always grateful for your attention.

Are you ready? I'm ready.

My pages, please give me a follow:
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