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So, for some reason, my printer had a glitch and sent me 100 more calendars that I wasn't planning on having. 😳 They don't want them back either, so what to do?? I say let's turn this into an opportunity to do some good! From today (December 10th) forward, $10 of every VW Calendar purchase will be DONATED to The Animal Foundation shelter in Las Vegas; the facility where I adopted both of my dogs. 

Please help me support the shelter, and pick up one of these 2019 Calendars


Are you ready? I'm ready.

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Keeping it 100

With the arrival of Hot VWs November issue, a big milestone has been reached.

100 Published Magazine Features!


One hundred. Wow!

In the span of just five short years

100 Features
21 Covers
15 Centerfolds
Across 12 different publications

It has been quite a ride in such a short time. I can’t wait to see what the next five years, and beyond brings.

I cannot express enough my gratitude for your attention, support, feedback, comments, likes and shares. Everything counts for more than you know.

Thanks for being a part of this adventure!

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2019 Calendar Pre-Order

It's that time again...time to pre-order your 2019 Calendars! 

This year, I have FOUR options to choose from. Yep, four, but more on that in a bit.

Everybody wants to know how I pick who gets into my annual calendars. Well, everything in my calendars each year are photos that I took. Seems logical, right? 95% of what you see included are dedicated photo shoots that I did for either a magazine or a personal shoot for the car owner. The rest are from events. There are times I grab a shot at an event that just screams 'Calendar', so it makes it in.

With four options this year, you can get the one (or two) that really speak to you as a VW fan. 
As always, there is the standard 'Volkswagen Calendar'. This one has Bugs, Ghia, Type 3s, etc.
Again this year, I have a 'Volkswagen Bus Calendar', featuring Splits and Bays. 
For the second year, a 'Things West' option is available, showcasing Things in attendance at the Things West 2018 event in California.
NEW for 2019 is the 'Watercooled Volkswagen' calendar! I love my water pumper fans out there, and this is for you. A few of the shots in this one were from photo shoots, but the majority were taken at events. 

Seriously, something for everyone here.

Calendars are printed on heavy satin card stock, and measure 11x17 when open. They are spiral bound, and easy to hang. 

I'm keeping the same price as last year: just $24 and FREE SHIPPING in the US. Click HERE to order.

Right now, we are in the Pre-Order period. Calendars will ship to you in plenty of time for the Holiday season. They make great gifts!

Hit this LINK to check out all the details, and see all the featured VWs! 

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Relying on the Help of Others

As a creative person, whether you’re an artist, a musician, or a photographer, it’s hard to give up control. Even though we might avoid asking others for help, it can certainly be necessary, and ultimately beneficial.

Case in point: I have three photo shoots scheduled out of state next week, and at this moment, I don’t know where any of them are taking place.

For me, this is terrifying on a couple levels.
First, for a quality vehicle photo shoot, location can be EVERYTHING. The wrong background, and a great car can appear mediocre. I like to say ‘The car is the star’, but a questionable location can neutralize an otherwise killer shot.
Second, since I’m not in the area, I must enlist the car owners to do the location scouting, something I normally do myself.  I need their help in finding just the right spot.

I try to give a few suggestions of what would look good for their particular car, and send them out into their world to scout potential shoot spots. What happens next is usually a back and forth exchange of emails and photos, narrowing down what they found to what we both think works the best.

When shoot day arrives, 95% of the time it works out great. The other 5% we need to call an audible and find a new location in a hurry. I’ve been kicked out of places, had a location just be too small to shoot in, and of course there’s that time the Cops shut us down (at least we were done when they arrived).

Looking back through my 20 (so far) magazine cover pieces, eight of them were taken at locations where I had to ask the owner for help.

This set of circumstances is just one example of relying on the help of others. As much as we may not like having to do it, since it can be uncomfortable or intimidating, asking for help can absolutely be advantageous. So open up, don’t be frightened to say ‘Hey, I could use your help’.

I’m sure the three shoots I mentioned above are going to be awesome, I just need help in getting them there, so I asked.

Are you ready? I'm ready.

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