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How To Catch Up When You're Behind

Right now, I'm a lot, and I mean a LOT!
I have photos from weeks ago which I haven't had time to touch yet. They're saved, and they're backed up, but they're just sitting there, patiently waiting to be tended to.
To top it off, I'm headed directly into another three day event, and that's going to back me up even more. 

Still, hope is not lost. 

How do I work through a situation like this? Let me break it down.

1. Step back, take a breath. Meditate if that's your thing. At least take some deep breaths. Clear your head.
2. Make a list. When I'm behind, I HAVE to write down what needs to be done. Write it all down. It doesn't have to be in any particular order, just make sure you get it all. Every item, every step.
3. Put that list in an order that makes sense. Have a deadline on a project? That becomes number one. If chronological makes sense, there is your order. Will it be easier to do 'Project Y' before 'Project X'? Maybe that's your sequence. Figure out what will work best for your flow, and create your order of operations. 
4. Make time. Set aside the time you need to start working. Everything will get done eventually, but it go more quickly if you actively have blocks of time scheduled.
5. Work. To borrow a phrase: 'Just Do It'  It's not going to get done if you don't hunker down and get cranking. 

I had to go through these steps when I returned from the Blackstar Campout/El Prado VW Weekend.  
My list looks something like this:
1. Prado - Edit, upload to website & Facebook
2. Blackstar Campout - Edit, upload to website & Facebook
3. OCTO - Edit, upload to website & Facebook
4. Things West - Edit, upload to website & Facebook, deliver to Magazine
5. Thing photo shoot - Edit, deliver to car owner
6. Kenworth photo shoot - Edit, delver to Magazine
7. Wheel Jam Event - Edit, deliver to Magazine
8. Las Vegas Car Stars Event (all 3 days) - Shoot, Edit, deliver to Promoter

We are talking about THOUSANDS of photos here. 

Step 1 (Prado) is happening tonight (June 13). Step 2 I'm hoping will be completed Friday morning. 
Step by step, it will be completed.

The moral of this post is don't freak out, don't get discouraged. Get organized and get motivated. 

Are you ready? I'm ready.

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