A Very Personal Post

Alright, so it’s time to get personal…like, really personal.

If you’ve ever met me in person, especially at a car show, you’ve likely noticed - I don’t hear very well. It’s a lot of “Say again?” and “What was that?” or “I’m sorry, what?”. Yeah, I get tired of it too.

I don’t go to certain to restaurants alone because I know I won’t be able to hear the counter person. I rarely go to shows or concerts unless it’s something truly special. I avoid situations with a lot of people or music because it’s too much ambient noise overload and I won’t be able to hear anything specific. It sucks.

To top it off, I have an intense high-pitched ringing that NEVER stops…ever…and it’s the loudest thing at all times. I cannot accurately explain it, but just know I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

I’ve been battling hearing loss for a very long time (years), and it’s only getting worse.
I went to the specialist again this week and had another hearing test to see just how bad things are…and, yep, things are bad. I need to get hearing aids. We figured it would come to this eventually, we just didn’t think it would happen when I was 44 years old!

Now, this isn’t the end of the world; it could be a whole new beginning, we shall see. But, we need to get there first. If you didn’t know, hearing aids are expensive! Like, really expensive! I have a great job, with decent insurance, but they don’t cover much as far as ‘durable medical equipment’ goes. My out-of-pocket for these bad boys is going to be just shy of $5,000. Stick with me here, this isn’t a charity case …I’m not asking for a donation or a handout…this isn’t a GoFundMe. I am going to have a SALE here on my website on everything to try to defer some of the costs of these hearing aids. So Shirts, Stickers, Prints, Coasters, etc are on sale for a while. The sale will run for a week or so, just to help take the sting out of the cost of these hearing aids. I have a bunch of old magazines for sale on ebay as well if you need any to fill in your collection.

I’m getting the hearing aids no matter what…I have to…I’ll go crazy without them. I’m going to order them next week. Hopefully the next time you see me I’ll be able to hear you better.

Anyway, enough about me. back to the photos.

Are you ready? I'm ready.

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